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Fond of traveling still never visited Greece? Well, it's your great omission, for if you haven't seen Greece - you've seen nothing yet! I advise you to hurry up and gain the best memories of your life in ancient Athens, incredibly beautiful Santorini and mysteriously attracting Crete.

These are the places, were you can spend some quality time and breath in an archeological spirit at the same time.

Feel the unique atmosphere of Athens, where the famous monuments, contributing to the world culture and history, will amaze you by their incredible shape and beauty. We can easily arrange your vocations in any of splendid islands of Greece such as Crete, Mykonos and Santorini, that are very close one to another.

The best way to explore all Greece, all the tourist attractions is to Crete car hire.

Visit the outstanding Mykonos Palace in Crete, feast your eyes on the beautiful sunset of Santorini and feel the unity with nature in Mykonos island, full of legends and tales, Paros. This web site will provide you with all the necessary material including posh accommodation, exiting excursions and some general information of Greece. We'll provide the best hotels, designed in traditional Cyldic style, where friendly and attentive staff will always help our guests to get what they require! Don't hesitate, contact us, and we will make your dream a reality. fbs demo account

Mykonos: Ilio Maris, Santorini: Dana Villas and Kavalari hotel, cheap travel insurance

Best hotels

Metropolitan Hotel
Metropolitan hotel is located close to the centre of Athens

Intercontinental Hotel
Intercontinental Hotel has a fully equipped Health club, Acropolis view

Ambassador Hotel
Ambassador Hotel situated only a short walk from the beach

Corfu Palace
Corfu palace is the best choice for your holiday

Creta Maris Hotel
Creta Marris is luxuary hotel which has a unique combination of Architecture & facilities

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